Sewing / Cutting / Art Specs

A.  SEWING ALLOWANCE – How are you sewing your Labels INTO or ON your products?  When designing labels, please make sure you have looked in your closet to see many examples of the various sewing options.  Please put some thought into this.  Best is to always print out your art to actual size, cut it out and place on your products to see if it’s correct.  Most changes can be made at the design stage, this way you will be happy with your final product and it will work for you.

1.  Are your labels going INTO a top seam?  If so, you will need to leave sewing allowance at the top so you don’t sew over your logo.  Standard is roughly 1/4.  For woven, we do these labels Center Folded.  For printed, we can do either Hot Cut or Center Folded.


2.  Are your labels going ON top of your garments?  A good example of this are the popular Woven Hem Labels.  In this case, the logo is centered on the front and back sides.  Even spacing normally between logo and fold as well as logo and top cut.  Normally these labels are all Center Folded – with logo on both sides


3.  Are your labels being sewn ALL around or SIDES?  In this case, you would center your logo in the space.  For woven, these labels are then processed End Folded for softer left and right edges.  In Printed, we can do either Hot Cut or End Folded.


B. Binder/Pics in Woven Labels – PLEASE NOTE, weaving is high end, but it’s WOVEN/STITCHED – so this means that we need to have Binders / Pics in the design to HOLD the threads down.  This is nature of the beast – same with ALL woven labels – check out your closet to see for yourself.  Please note this is how Woven Labels come out.  If you want 100%, you have to go with a Printed Label, BUT it’s only printed, not high end Woven.  To the end customer, the Woven Label with these needed Binders/Pics are the High End Branding Option!!  All good!  Please note that the smallest Text we can weave is 2 mm ALL CAPS.



Please note curves / circles are very tough with weaving as we use only vertical and horizontal lines – you will have a step to the next stitch line as above samples so some lines can not be smooth.  This is standard for Woven Labels.

Below Totem is an example of Art layout to Actual Weaving Limitations.  With Weaving, it is not 100% detail compared to your art file, as remember, these are literally Stitched/Woven labels.  The threads have thickness so there are limitations to fine detail.  Some letters are larger, etc.  The good news is that the end customer LOVES the PREMIUM BRANDED WOVEN LABELS.  So, I’m afraid you can’t be a perfectionist when it comes down to Woven Label detail, it’s just not possible to be 100%.  If you want 100%, you have to go with a Printed Label, but keep in mind, Printed Labels are not as High End as the Woven, nor do they have the high impact to the end customers compared to these Premium Woven Labels.  So, in summary, we will get the best detail possible compared to your art file, but it will not be perfect.



C.  The below guidelines will help you with some very basic ideas of designing your label for your own products – 

1. If you have existing art work – please email to us along with your quote request.

2. What size of label are you looking for?  Have you looked in your closet or other products similar to yours to get an idea?

3. Have you thought of what colours you want?  We need to know this.

4. Type of label or trim?  Printed, Woven, Hang tags, etc.

5. Quantity?  Do you have a specific quantity or need a range?  100/250/500/1000?  or 1 million 😉

6. Processing – End Folded, Center Folded, etc.

D.  ART SPECS – **Assuming you or your graphic artist has designed your label or trim art – have you printed it out to actual size?  This is always recommended to do to make sure the size and layout is correct.  Print it out to actual size, cut it out and then place on your product.  Have you allowed enough sewing allowance?

Once all the above has been done, please send us a quote request so we can properly quote your needs.  We are here to help, so if you have any questions, please simply ask.

*When designing for various products:  Keep it simple


E. Logo location!!  Please see below options.  We always recommend that you print out your art to actual 100% size.  Then we recommend you cut it out and place on your product.  This is the BEST way for you to truly see what your label will look like IN or ON your product.  It’s easier to change something in design than it is after all is woven or printed.  Please take your time in this process to make sure it works for your products.