Heat Transfers

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Heat Transfers

As an alternative to embroidery, woven labels  or sewing on a PVC/Rubber patch, a Heat Transfer label, (popularly knows as “tag-less”  or label-less labels, provide a nice, clean look for  particular pieces where you want the consumer to only feel the material of the garment. When you do not want the stiffness of a patch or sensation of a tag, Heat Transfers can be applied to all fabrics, including stretch material.  Heat Transfer labels work best with infant wear, t-shirts and sportswear.

Used by major global brands, heat transfers are of a high quality material and maintain the integrity of the brand image through multiple washes without fading or cracking . The DIY involving an ordinary, household iron is an option but the longest lasting impressions using our industrial heat press that we maintain on-site is best.

Do you have different sizes (S/P, M/M, L/G, etc) to place on the Transfers?  Not a problem, you simply let us know the quantities of each size and we run all together into the total quantity needed.  No extra cost for size splits!

» Delivery in roughly 1 week!  that’s right!  We make it here domestically in house, NOT in China.

* Available in single or multi colours.  We can easily match Pantones so if you have a standard colour, it is not a problem.

» Various types: reflective, paper, vinyl, foil, glitter, and flock.  If outside, Reflective is a great option, especially if running wear.  If inside, standard / non reflective is best to keep the cost down as reflective is not usually needed for inside use.

» Can be applied to all fabrics, including stretch material – Our Transfers are the only ones that have true stretch with NO cracking.

** NO Cracking and Stretchable!!!! Very high quality.  We pride ourselves on having the best quality in the industry.  If you want your transfers to outlast your garment and be proud of your quality product, then our transfers are for you!

What size??  We can do any size needed, but it all depends on what you want on the transfer?  Is it only logo?  If so, what size – for inside or out?  Inside is usually a bit smaller than outside.  Outside can be as big as 10″.  For inside with logo, care & Content – a normal size is roughly 2″ x 2″.  Best if you do a layout to confirm the size you want or we can help you with that!   If you need help with layout, please email us all the specs – logo, what content?  washing?  size?  etc?

Minimum order is 100 pieces. Please email Maria – sales@laven.com for price list and info.

Payment – New customers – 75% upon receiving order, balance due before shipping. Visa, MasterCard & e-transfers are accepted.


What our customers say

I received my batch order of labels very quickly and they were perfect - just what I wanted! Laven Labels provided a quality product, fast service, and a few extras as well.

Jennifer C

I wanted to say my BIGGEST thanks to the Laven team for producing such gorgeous labels! I adore them and again appreciate you bumping them up to be finished earlier. Thank you, thank you! 


Honestly, the best service of any of my vendors and suppliers. Thank you.


SUPER EXCITED! Picked up my new Anne Hung Labels today. Thanks Laven Labels for the quick turnaround and the BEST customer service. 

Anne H

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