Retailers & Programs

Laven Labels partners closely with retail businesses and recognizes that maintaining brand identity is tremendously important. By utilizing both local and global manufacturing resources, we assure that your branding at retail will be consistent and delivered quickly all over the world! For over 50 years, whether you have one store or are part of a multi-store operation, Laven Labels can create coordinated trimmings that complement your product and overall brand presentation.

By having an online presence for your company, you can create new business opportunities and Laven Labels can help you achieve this! For the past 15 years, Laven has helped retailers become part of the online community by creating stock programs that are functional, custom-made, and individually tailored to meet specific requirements. Websites are designed collaboratively so that they are accessible, efficient and, most importantly, easy for your contracting partners to use. By maintaining competitive prices and on-demand merchandise, you will consistently have a high-quality, global program in place to continue your branding integrity.

Laven Labels has been family owned and operated for over 50 years. Our team has developed the skill and expertise to handle any sized job to fit the needs of your retail business.