Patches and Crests

HD Woven Patches

If you  want to incorporate a more authentic, subtly detailed aspect to your merchandise, look no further than the HD Woven Patch or Crest.  While we  offer an Embroidered Patch/Crest option, the features of an HD Woven are superior in their detail and will enhance any product it is attached too.  HD Wovens are perfect for sportswear, bags, caps and toques, just to name a few.


  1. Different options include – regular sew-in, heat seal or pressure sensitive. Although there may be zero difference in cost, sewing is recommended for product longevity.
  2. Patches can be merrowed (an overlock sewing technique) or stitched around edges in various thread colours.  If your design or shape is very detailed, we can laser each patch to the shape desired and “cut” the need for merrowing completely.

» Gives better detail compared to an embroidered patch for that fine detail needed.

» More economical than embroidery.

**Minimum of only 100 pieces! Please email us your art, specs, size, etc to for our price list.

**Payment – New customers without approved credit terms – 75% due upon order, balance due upon shipping.  Visa, MasterCard and e-transfers are accepted.

**Delivery – Sample scan via email is roughly 1-3 working days.  If you need samples in hands roughly 1.5 weeks @ additional charge of $100.  Production after sample approval is roughly 2-3 weeks.  Please ask for details.

**Please note below Art specs.  

**Please note merrowing / stitching is 2.5 mm all around.  

**Please note you need sewing allowance of roughly 2-3 mm all around.