Printed Labels

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Satin Printed Logo Labels

Satin Printed Logo Labels are perfect if you are looking for making custom labels to go into t-shirts, intimates or infant clothing, because they are very soft. If is also a great option if you are making custom care / content labels.

Printed labels are very economical if you are working on a tight budget, plus usually only 1 week delivery for small press and 2 weeks max for big press. Normally printed labels go on the inside of a product where as a woven label goes on the outside. We can print up to 7 colours!


Eco-Cotton Twill Printed Labels

Eco-Cotton twill printed labels are also a great “eco” option. They come in both natural or white, plus thicker twill or thinner canvas. Cotton labels can go both inside and outside of your product. The price is slightly higher than Satin, but cheaper than woven, so a great in-between option, especially if you are looking for a more “eco” natural look.


Care / Content Labels (standard)

Most go with this route for the CC labels. Simple, easy and economical. I would rather you spend your money on your Logo labels – Printed or Premium Woven. This below info changes over time so I recommend you keep it separate so you don’t have to redo your Main Labels. Please email for costing options.

content and care

New Material / Stuffed Article Labels

Simply let us know your Reg. # as well as the content and we can print them up within a week. We print all 3 sizes depending on your product :

  • Small for little stuffed animals, etc
  • Medium for Pillow’s, etc
  • Large for mattress/Duvets.

Blank labels in stock or we custom print with your content and registration numbers.


Art Layout / Sewing

Please see below and decide what best suits your Product. Are you sewing INTO a seam?  Top seam or side seam? Are you sewing ON a seam, which is refereed to as a Hem or Cuff label.

This is a very popular branding technique as I’m sure you know and see out in market. Are your labels to be sewn Inside a garment or outside a garment? For outside, normally we do Woven Labels. Your sewing details helps determine how your logo is laid out in your label – if sewing in at sides or all around – then we center your logo. If you are sewing INTO a top seam, then we lower your logo closer to bottom or fold. IF you are sewing ON a seam like a Cuff Label, then we center your logo on both sides.

Please try to confirm all these details when asking for a quote to better help you.

art layout

DELIVERY – Turn around time is roughly 5 -7 working days from art approval to shipping. Expedited service available for additional charge depending on your art/specs, etc. For larger press or larger quantities, may take up to 2 weeks.

SAMPLING – normally printed labels are not sampled as not usually needed because print is same as art layout. We do art layout for approval and we rush production after your approval. *Woven labels we can do samples if needed for a small additional charge – see Woven label section.

MATERIAL – Available in various tapes; satins, polyester, cotton, taffeta, nylon, twills, pressure sensitive, heat seal, etc.  For Care/Content labels, most use standard nylon – black on white.  For Logo labels, most use our Premium Woven Edge Satin material.  For a more Eco look, most use our Eco-Cotton Twill Labels.

PROCESSING AVAILABLE –  Most Printed Labels are done with Hot cut edges so no fraying. Centerfold/looped is done for labels that go in a seam so sewn at the top, with looped labels, you can also have info on the back side.  End folded is an premium option to give  softer edges.  Then the very high end is Ultrasonic Slit by sound waves for super soft edges.  We also offer no cutting – left on Rolls for packaging/wrapping/ribbon..

WASHING –  Printed labels will fade over time depending on your washing process.  If you do not want any fading, etc Woven labels are your best option – they will outlast your garment/product, but the price is slightly higher.  However, woven labels do have a higher perceived value, especially for main logo labels inside and out.

PAYMENT– New customers without credit approval – 75% due upon order, balance due upon shipping.  Visa / MasterCard / e-mail transfer.

**Low minimums, quickest delivery and best prices in North America. Please email Maria – for more info.

Size Tabs

In stock programs available, wide selection of sizes and numbers. Comes in both printed and woven, as well as black on white or white on black. They are already prepackaged in 1000 per size (for some this is too many, but 100 pieces would be same price, so keep the extras). – see below. Printed are $10 per size. Woven are $15 per size. Economical Printed or Premium Woven. We recommend you do these separate size tabs rather than putting them on your main Logo Labels as over time you will run out of only certain sizes and you don’t want to reorder your main Labels, only these simple size tabs.

size tabs

What our customers say

I received my batch order of labels very quickly and they were perfect - just what I wanted! Laven Labels provided a quality product, fast service, and a few extras as well.

Jennifer C

I wanted to say my BIGGEST thanks to the Laven team for producing such gorgeous labels! I adore them and again appreciate you bumping them up to be finished earlier. Thank you, thank you! 


Honestly, the best service of any of my vendors and suppliers. Thank you.


SUPER EXCITED! Picked up my new Anne Hung Labels today. Thanks Laven Labels for the quick turnaround and the BEST customer service. 

Anne H

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