Woven Labels

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Woven Labels

Woven labels are the most common and economical way to identify and grow your brand on your product all while having a very high perceived value which helps your product. Woven labels have the best and biggest bang for your buck! You can tell this from all major brands who use woven labels in the majority of their products, it can not be beat! Woven will allow you to get the finest detail in both your logo and name – you will be amazed how professional your name and brand will look in our HD Woven Labels. You can place them on any and every item! Everything is 100% custom to your needs ensuring your logo, lettering, and colours are as accurate as possible. All our labels come individually cut and finished (most from offshore come on rolls and you have to cut them yourself – but they will fray – we Hot cut so all nice and individual), suited to your needs, ready to be sewn in. Laven Labels produces quality labels and the quickest delivery in the industry! ONE WEEK for most Labels! We are the only manufacturer left in Canada and one of the only few left in North America. Buying in North America matters!

Delivery of most labels within 1 week!  We are the direct manufacturer so we are able to give you the fastest delivery in the industry!  Normally we do final art layout to size and after your approval we go straight to production.  If samples are needed, we can supply them  within 3 days roughly at an additional $100 on average (final cost depends on your specific art/layout so please see your quote for specifics).  Please note that there are many stages/steps in a woven label – from design, pattern, set up on large looms, weaving, slitting, cut & fold, packing, invoicing, shipping, etc and quality control at every stage.  A lot goes into Woven labels and we want to make sure your labels are perfect at every stage of the process.  There might be someone from China whom can do your labels a bit cheaper, but remember – is it really worth it to take the chance for poorer quality and longer delivery than they promise.  Plus, don’t forget there are hidden charges in delivery, duties, etc!  This they don’t tell you.  We have been in this business for 50 years, there are many reasons for this!  We can be trusted to give you quality labels in roughly 1 week!  No extra charges, no BS!

» All types of weaves are available: taffeta, twills, satin, damask, tubular for zipper pulls, micro damask, broadloom, needle loom, etc.  The most popular is our unique HD damask weave – this will give you the best detail possible, plus it is very soft against the skin. We run 95% of labels on this weave – sort of a no brainer as it’s the best you can get and gives your brand the best look possible.

» Processing available depending on application **Please make sure you check out the Sewing/Art section for more Clarity:

Hot cut – The ends are sealed so no framing – for exterior sewing all around.

Center folding – the top and bottom ends are sealed and then folded in the middle/center –  for sewing at the top into a seam or hem, end folded for softer middle fold.

Mitre fold – Ends are sealed and then folded up 90 degrees – this is used so you can easily hang your product from the label.  But, please note that for 2 reasons, this is not normally done.  1.  It’s not as soft as it sticks out against the skin more.  2. – If your customers hang your products from this label and it then rips your product, you will either get the return which you don’t want or your product won’t be worn/used, which you also don’t want.

Rolls – this is left uncut so you can wrap around products or put into a neck line.

Die cut – We can laser cut to any shape you need, but remember that if it’s going inside against skin, an end fold is recommended – this will give you the softest feel against the skin, plus finishes off the label a little nicer.

An exterior “Hem” label is very popular as it can be sewn onto most ready-made garments/product.  We can weave your logo on both sides so you can see it if your product is flipped up.  Plus, this also gives you the option to put 2 different logo’s on either side, or a name on one and logo on other, etc etc.

» Finishing, if needed: pressure sensitive, heat seal, calenderized, merrowing, over dyed, ultrasonic cutting, etc.  Most are sewn into the product; this is also the quickest and cheapest option.  Plus, with no finish, it’s the softest, no finish is 95% of products.

**Minimum is 100 pieces.  Please email us your specs – size, colours, quantity, art, etc to Sales@Laven.com  1 WEEK DELIVERY!

**Payment – New customers without approved credit terms – 75% due upon order, balance due upon shipping.  Visa, MasterCard and e-transfers are accepted.

**Delivery – We are the quickest delivery in the industry!  We can deliver most woven labels within a week!!  We are the direct manufacturer so that is why we are so quick!  Plus, we care!


A. Sewing Allowance

How are you sewing your Labels INTO or ON your products?  When designing labels, please make sure you have looked in your closet to see many examples of the various sewing options.  Please put some thought into this.  Best is to always print out your art to actual size, cut it out and place on your products to see if it’s correct.  Most changes can be made at the design stage, this way you will be happy with your final product and it will work for you.

1.  Are your labels going INTO a top seam?  If so, you will need to leave sewing allowance at the top so you don’t sew over your logo.  Standard is roughly 1/4.  For woven, we do these labels Center Folded.  For printed, we can do either Hot Cut or Center Folded.


2.  Are your labels going ON top of your garments?  A good example of this are the popular Woven Hem Labels.  In this case, the logo is centered on the front and back sides.  Even spacing normally between logo and fold as well as logo and top cut.  Normally these labels are all Center Folded – with logo on both sides.


3.  Are your labels being sewn ALL around or SIDES?  In this case, you would center your logo in the space.  For woven, these labels are then processed End Folded for softer left and right edges.  In Printed, we can do either Hot Cut or End Folded.


B. Binder/Pics in Woven Labels

PLEASE NOTE – weaving is high end, but it is still WOVEN/STITCHED with thread – so this means that we need to have Binders / Pics in the design to HOLD the threads down.  This is nature of the beast – same with ALL woven labels – check out your closet to see for yourself.  Please note this is how Woven Labels come out.  If you want 100%, you have to go with a Printed Label, BUT it’s only printed, not high end Woven.  To the end customer, the Woven Label with these needed Binders/Pics are the High End Branding Option!!  All good!  Please note that the smallest Text we can weave is 2 mm ALL CAPS.


Below Totem is an example of Art layout to Actual Weaving Limitations.  With Weaving, it is not 100% detail, as remember, these are literally Stitched/Woven labels.  The threads have thickness so there are limitations to fine detail.  Some letters are larger, etc.  The good news is that the end customer LOVES the PREMIUM BRANDED WOVEN LABELS.  So, I’m afraid you can’t be a perfectionist when it comes down to Woven Label detail, it’s just not possible to be 100%.  If you want 100%, you have to go with a Printed Label, but keep in mind, Printed Labels are not as High End as the Woven, nor do they have the high impact to the end customers compared to these Premium Woven Labels.  So, in summary, we will get the best detail possible compared to your art file, but it will not be perfect.


please note curves are very tough as with weaving, it’s vertical and horizontal lines – you will have a step to the next stitch line as above samples. This is standard for Woven Labels.

Lines are very difficult for stitching/weave as you can see below – actual woven label below art file:


Below is a reminder of the various locations of your logo depending on YOUR application and product.  Please be aware of this and choose the correct one for your product:



size tabs

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I received my batch order of labels very quickly and they were perfect - just what I wanted! Laven Labels provided a quality product, fast service, and a few extras as well.

Jennifer C

I wanted to say my BIGGEST thanks to the Laven team for producing such gorgeous labels! I adore them and again appreciate you bumping them up to be finished earlier. Thank you, thank you! 


Honestly, the best service of any of my vendors and suppliers. Thank you.


SUPER EXCITED! Picked up my new Anne Hung Labels today. Thanks Laven Labels for the quick turnaround and the BEST customer service. 

Anne H

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